Hanison Lau 劉學成



Hanison is a multi-directional artist, who is guided by social events to create mixed media and installations. The creative concept in which he had during his residence was to develop series of events around the idea of “Gong Woo” (spirit of fraternity).

Rules, heroes, overlords, enemies are all related to “Gong Woo” and weapons. At a workshop of making swords from recycling materials in the community, the neighborhood helped sort the broken wood, the old and young were busy making and coloring their weapons. They learned to do workouts with their weapons for physical fitness. At the end they took part in the "Kung Fu Festival" and chasing and playing with each other in the community. With these lively players, the spirit of the community was greatly rejuvenated. "Playing in the street" can be translated into trust and mutual assistance between people, and "neighborhood" is a wonderful word.

The world of games is wide ranging, but games are often about win and lose. The sword making workshop is not about winning, like Luke's Leave Sword Workshop that is a "no-win" game. Though the processes and results were rather an unfortunate “pleasure” of dealing with the troubling yet poetic consequences, at least it lets the children wandering around the community, gaining the title of "street kids".