Luke Ching 程展緯




Luke's creative behavior is nomadic. Scenes and events are the focuses behind his daily perceptive and creative thinking, which is in fact an everyday experience. If art is derived from daily life, then Luke is a rare artist who can bring art back to life. As his views are always from bottom to top, he can analyze the working pressure of the working class clearly.

Making brooms, competing swords, meeting workers at the factory, learning to make a broom with Uncle Chim, presenting a sewingaward to Ling Ling, making paper toys, having fun and taking part in flea markets with factory workers are all very local. Through these production processes, he not only provides "brooms", but in turn discovers the angles and methods of having "good fun" with participants.

During his stay he visited a neighbour in the area, the blind factory. He explored each product produced by the blind factory and its process. He concerned about the impact of the temporary relocation of the factory, started to develop a circular economy of waste materials, and cared about labor-intensive production that was unnoticed in the community. As the community space is disappearing in history, how to visually write this invisible history will be another new direction for us.