Clara Cheung 張嘉莉



Clara is a veteran community artist. In addition, she can connect her interests other than art to the daily live activities in the community, and at the same time give back resources to the community.

The focus of her residence was on physical exercises and collection of rags and clothing, which transformed into a relationship between yoga and weaving. A personally woven yoga mat dived into the atmosphere of meditation while weaving, just like the physical and mental relaxation and tranquility of yoga. In this static fabric workshop and body movement, participants were not only community neighbourhoods in To Kwa Wan, but also friends outside the district. They all needed to invest in “making their own felts” and designing actions that are suitable for their body. With crafts and physical workouts, certain actions were playing with the energy and limitations of her own body. The activity was about strengthening the coexistence of intellectuality and emotion, which is the characteristic of Clara who trained in multimedia creation. Engaging in community art is about paying attention to people. She combined her creation with play, and practiced the local community method.