Rainy Yip 葉志明





Who didn't play "building house" in childhood? The concept of having your own home has long appeared in the collective memory, from which brothers and sisters build another small home at home, play the role of parents and blame someone for the mess of life. "Building house" is in fact a projection of personal dreams.

Rainy's childhood memories of "building house" led to a creation of wooden houses during the residence, turning the waste wood in the community into delicate wooden daily utensils. It was a game that can only be played freely by children, and their parents can only watch.

If one glanced at Rainy when he quietly built the "house," one could see he was a big and temperamental child. He climbed up and down in the wooden house, and put himself in the unfinished childhood games for himself and for kids.

Our dream of "building house" is often to go to the demonstration units of real estate, or go to Ikea's home furnishing units and dream about it. This is a unreal space where children will not give way, but a real house is a real growing up experience, like Rainy's.