wing 唐詠詩




Starting from the date Wing Sze accepted to be a resident artist, she always had a quiet look until the end. In fact, Wing Sze is a professional animator. She has created animated characters and stories for the audience for more than 20 years, but she did not have to contact the audience in reality, so the quietness of her work is her unique characteristic.

The residence allowed her to reach out to the community. It not only enables the children in the community to learn to create and produce their own animations, but it also let her discover her own childhood memories of playing in the streets. The relationship between the children and the community space in To Kwa Wan led her to rediscover the neighbourhood and childhood experience because the playing space is in a short distance within the neighbourhood.

In her residence, a rotating bicycle wheel was made as a propeller in the neighbourhood. In fact, it is also the principle of animation. The neighbour craftsman re-appropriated Duchamp's Bicycle Wheel as the animation player, creating an animation full of vision of the community environment. The background of the wall, the action of watering flowers in front of the ordinary window frame, the repeated black and white scenes were just as the bland community life. The quietness and peacefulness of the neighbourhood were hidden in the animation, just like the expression of Wing Sze.