Pofung 陳寶鋒




Po Fung is a creative practitioner who works across art and design. His works are based upon his feelings of subtle objects. He sees a broken jade bracelet and broken crayon as a source of creativity.

Inspired by a bronzesmith in the community, he taught the making of bronze crafts to the young and old in the community. He used various possibilities of bronzes to create a "bronze child play." The fun is to learn the crafts of making artifacts, and to find new percussion sound. A sound "Dang" is a creative attempt that opens up the community and values ​​of life. From the process of learning and playing, we inherited a little bit of knowledge about craftsmanship. Not long after the workshop, the master passed away. This is a repercussion of the unfortunate event.

Po Fung pays attention to delicate objects and crafts, and he extends his query to the community and workers. I believe that Po Fung's experience brings his work a richer community context along with an element of community participants, old craftsmanship, and forgotten objects. That "dang" sound can evoke the moment when a new stock is listed in the Hong Kong stock exchange, and it is a dialogue with the financial city today.