Play Depot launching Event




After a half year of field research and preparation with 6 groups of artists, a participatory art event in the theme of “playground” was organised in the Cattle Depot Artist Village from May to June 2017. The event aimed to connect residents and members of community groups through the concept of “play,” in which different types of waste materials collected from the community were used to create innovative games and objects for play. Through games and participatory activities, we worked together with the participants to transform the Cattle Depot into a public playground for all.

The space was divided into 2 parts: a maker space and play space. In the play space, Participants were free to play with the installations set up by the artist groups. In the maker space, participants were tasked to use the recycled materials to create their own objects for play. The event enabled participants to use their imagination to explore different applications of materials and create their play experience. It also encouraged them to collaborate with each other and use games to create interactive ambience of playing and making.