織織團 認為「玩」是小朋友學習必備的心態,通過教小朋友 製作不同的面譜,讓他們把各自的個性表現出來,並組成 趣緻的社區探訪隊伍,訪問區內的小店和師傅,以講故事、 與小朋友玩布偶、扮演傳說中的神獸等活動,收集和創作 社區故事,讓小朋友親近和認識社區,把彼此的距離拉近。

jikjikteam Jik Jik Team believes in “play“as fundamental to children's learning. Children make masks that reflect their individuality, and wear them for the parade through local shops and workshops in the community. Through puppet playing and role playing, children simultaneously tell, collect, and create local stories and legends about their neighbourhood. There is no better way to learn about their home. come.