Saturn Wooden Workshop


石盾小木工從木家具、竹竿等廢棄物料找尋其特質和 可塑性,製成敲擊樂器,並讓小朋友自由發揮,敲打 出不同聲音和節奏,創作自己的旋律,最後合奏出獨 特的音樂。過程中,小朋友不但學習使用簡單的工具, 在使用樂器時,學到以不同動作和姿勢令樂器發聲, 並學會互相配合產生節奏。

Saturn Wood Workshop makes use of old, unwanted materials like wood furniture and bamboo sticks to make new percussion instruments based on their distinctive sound qualities. Kids can improvise with these instruments, and compose their own unique musical piece. Not only do they in the process learn how to handle simple tools, they also are exposed to a range of sounds and beats that harmoniously echo their body gestures.