Creative thinking brings joy in park

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Date: 2017-02-15

CHILDREN living in cramped conditions in subdivided flats in To Kwa Wan (土瓜灣) are having fun, thanks to art groups. These groups, including Playback Concept, Wheel Thing Makers (軸物行者), and MUDwork, have joined the government project PlayDepot (土炮遊樂場) to liven up a To Kwa Wan park.

They hold workshops to re-purpose what seems like unwanted items into toys. One group uses planks to make a see-saw. Another paints and attaches big and small tyres to kick scooters to make ‘chicken’ scooters. Yet another helps children sew bits and pieces of fabric to work gloves and transform them into puppets.

During the evenings, South Asian families take their children to the Kowloon park. The youngsters are especially fond of the ‘chicken’ kick scooters. Other children are enthralled by the puppet theatre which the art groups have organised.

Wong Wing-tong (王永棠) of PlayDepot said that playgrounds these days are less imaginative. “It’s the same slide every time.” The government has taken away the roundabout and the monkey bars because of safety concerns, but this made the playgrounds less fun.

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